April 26, 2013

Film Festival

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Check out this AWESOME film festival

It’s called the Points of View Film Festival from April 25-28. We will show a series of short and feature films that offer us the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. 
“Film has a unique power to make visible the lives of others. Through film we can bare witness to the struggles of a child soldier – not just to survive, but to make a life for herself (War Witch). Through film we can better understand the individual toll of the promise of “diversity” in American education (American Promise). Film lets us explore the wages of loss and grief felt by communities and individuals (The Invisible CollectionAbuelas, and The Chair). Film lets us witness the transcendent power of musical performance (Shut Up And Play The Hits) and experience the exhilaration and shear terror of BASE-jumping and waterfall kayaking (One Step beyond and Huck).
Our festival is open to all genres but we are especially interested in first person narratives and intimate portraits that allow audiences to bridge differences of class, culture, race, ability, and experience. With twenty films from 10 countries, including documentaries, narrative features, short films and animation, this festival offers an incredibly diverse set of perspectives. From the women living with cancer struggling to recognize themselves in the mirror in Mondays At Racine, to the youthful exuberance of the most lovable losers you’ll ever meet in L’Equip Petit, we hope the films we’ve chosen offer insight and empathy.” 
– Joseph Clark, Festival Director and Visiting Assistant Professor, American Studies Program, Colby College. 
You will find all the information on our website: http://pointsofviewfest.com/
Please note that the festival will take place at Railroad Square Cinema and that the admission will be free.