December 23, 2013

Italian Film: The Great Beauty

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THE GREAT BEAUTY at the Railroad square cinema

“A shimmering coup de cinema to make your heart burst, your mind swim and your soul roar”—Robby Collin, The Telegraph. Self-consciously yet proudly and assuredly following in the path of Fellini in its sumptuous imaginativeness, decadent beauty and ironic humor, THE GREAT BEAUTY boasts 4 European Film Awards – Best Picture, Director, Actor and Editor! “Life is a performance and Rome is the stage in THE GREAT BEAUTY. Toni Servillo plays dapper, cultured and dilettantish Roman writer Jep Gambardella, always dressed in a fine suit and finer shoes. As the film opens, he celebrates his 65th birthday with a hedonistic party in his flashy apartment which overlooks the Coliseum on one side and a convent on the other. In his world, the high life meets the low life, writers and thinkers mingle with strippers and models. But now, Jep starts to wonder what he’s achieved and where it’s all heading. Paolo Sorrentino’s cinema is big. His eye is all-seeing. Sorrentino is so often compared to Federico Fellini that it feels right that he has made the city of LA DOLCE VITA the focus for this heady, beautiful, entrancing film”—Time Out. In Italian with English subtitles.