About Benedicte Mauguiere

Dr. Bénédicte Mauguière, a Professor of French at Colby College, was born in Brittany, France, a part of the country with a strong and distinctive cultural identity and where Breton, a Celtic language (such as Gaelic and Welsh) is still spoken. She learned it at school and later became active in preserving the cultural and linguistic heritage of her native area.

Most French settlers who came to North America to build New France, starting in the 16th century, came from this region in western France. Their descendents are now spread all over the continent from Québec and Acadia (New Brunswick) to New England and Louisiana. Dr. Mauguière’s interest for these French-speaking communities established in the Americas (all the way to French Guiana in South America) started early.

She completed an M.A. at the Université d’Angers about the cultural and linguistic survival of French-speaking communities in Louisiana and pursued a Ph.D. in Francophone Studies on contemporary Québécois women’s writing. Against this backdrop, Dr. Bénédicte Mauguière has dedicated her professional career to exploring the cultural similarities among geographically diverse communities that share the French language heritage.

A full professor at Colby, she teaches French and Francophone Studies, in addition to several other academic courses relating to Diaspora and Transcultural Studies, Francophone Cultures and Literatures of the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean, and Women and Gender Studies. She has also offered seminars, has widely lectured, and directed theses and dissertations on authors such as J. M. G. Le Clézio and Anne Hébert. Dr. Mauguière currently serves as Vice President of AIEQ, the Association internationale des études québécoises.

Prior to this appointment, she spent nine years as the Executive Director of CIEF, the Conseil International d’Études Francophones. Dr. Bénédicte Mauguière has published two books, and her articles appear frequently in noteworthy academic publications worldwide. She also regularly lectures on Francophone-related issues in foreign as well as domestic venues.


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