December 20, 2012

An Overview of Francophone Studies, by Bénédicte Mauguière

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Many universities offer students the option of majoring in French and Francophone Studies. This course of study focuses on the French language as well as French-speaking cultures from all over the world. Students thoroughly learn all the nuances of the language, including various dialects, grammar, pronunciation, syntax, and punctuation. They also learn an appreciation for and understanding of diverse cultures.

Those interested in majoring in French and Francophone Studies should possess a desire to learn about another language and culture, an ear for patterns in language and communication, and an eagerness to communicate, both oral and written. It is also recommended that students travel and study in France or in a francophone country at some point during their studies. There are many jobs open to students, including French teacher, foreign service officer, translator, travel guide, speech pathologist, interpreter, foreign social worker, as well as many opportunities in NGOs.

About Bénédicte Mauguière:

Prof. Mauguière possesses a Ph.D. in Francophone Cultures and Literatures and she has authored numerous publications in the field. She currently teaches Francophone Studies at Colby College in Maine.


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